Plasma Benefits
Plasma benefits
Powermax line comparison
Powermax advantage

Plasma is rapidly becoming the cutting technology of choice worldwide. Learn more
Understanding Plasma Technology
Powermax systems cut metal quickly, and cleanly
Plasma, and its intense heat (up to 22,000C), is created when gas is ionized by electrical energy. Powermax systems use plasma to melt metal, and compressed air or nitrogen to blow the molten metal away, leaving a good quality cut edge ready to weld in most cases. Powermax systems are also effective for gouging metal.
Cut or gouge any electrically conductive metal
Whether in a shop, factory, at home or in the field, Powermax systems cut and gouge all metal types and forms. Most models are available with a handheld or machine torch to fit the application.
Operating a plasma system requires
  • AC power source (fixed or generator)
  • Compressed air - shop air, portable air compressor or bottled air. Nitrogen is often used for stainless steel.
  • Safety equipment, including shaded glasses or face shield, gloves, protective clothing and proper ventilation.
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