Indapp was founded in 1967 in Lagos, Nigeria as a plastic manufacturing company.Around the year 2000 it became a trading company dealing in supply of goods, equipment and services for the following industries:
  • Cement Industry
  • Quarry and Mining,
  • Marine, Ports and Shipping
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Construction and Fabrication Yards
In addition to the trading, Indapp is an agent/distributor in Nigeria and ECOWAS region to a number of foreign companies. Indapp is always looking to enhance its range of activities by forming strategic alliances with companies that want to be involved in the West African market.

Nigerian Foundries Ltd: Includes the sister companies steel and iron foundries with a total installed capacity of 8,500 tons of metal per annum. NFL produces a broad range of castings for the above industries.
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Metec West Africa Ltd: It is an aluminum foundry that produces sacrificial anodes and offers corrosion protection services to the Marine and Oil & Gas Industry.
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Hemisphere Technologies Ltd: This is a project company that is involved in fabrication/erection projects for a broad range of industries. At present it has concluded up to 8 projects with Lafarge Nigeria. HTL complements the activities of Indapp by installing all the equipment sold by indapp.
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